Luxe Lashes


Saturday 10 Hours

Industry Respected Curriculum

Worth It Beauty Academy's approach to a well-rounded education curriculum ensures students to fine-tune artistry and technique; working towards excellence. Our master Lash instructor was taught by the top educators in the industry who are the world leader in Lash Extention Education. A comprehensive Lash kit and dummy head is provided.

• thorough product knowledge

• in-depth eye anatomy

• knowledge of common eye infections

• knowing eyelash growth cycles

• expertise tweezering techniques

• knowledge on using eyelash adhesive

• how to care for your adhesive

• applying lash extensions

• how to carefully remove extensions

• recognizing extension styles

• client consultations

• composing consent forms

• upskill fill techniques

• customer service techniques

• utilizing social media

• sanitation, breakdown, set-up & safety

• identifying common irritations

• taping eyelids

• distinguishing eye shapes

• learning to isolate

• learning adhesive ingredients

• irritations vs. allergies

• correcting lashes

• understanding aftercare knowledge

• how to cleanse lashes thoroughly

• understanding curls, lengths and diameters

• learning to create and shape blueprints

• troubleshooting

• marketing your business

• making cancellation policies

• photo editing